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Last issue I said how much I like the cooler months, but I think the weather gods over-reacted.  Since then I had a few days in Melbourne and guess what – a cold snap hit.  A week later in Wellington:  another cold snap – even cold by their standards.  A week later at home in sunny Queensland:  another cold snap.  OK I get the message – it’s winter!

This time of year we are all gearing up for the annual pilgrimage to Integrate – in Melbourne this year for a change.  I know many of you in tertiary-land will be there so please call in at the AMX stand to say hello. 

August is also the end of the ‘EAP year’ so if you haven’t lodged your points claims for AMX purchases dating back to 1st Sept 2014 by midnight on 31st Aug, you’ve missed out. 

One of the things I really love about working for AMX is the satisfaction of seeing the seed of an idea grow into something real and valuable.  For quite a while (a couple of years now) I’ve believed that the AETM should widen its reach beyond the fixed events in August and November.  Not everyone can get funding and/or approval to travel interstate, so why not have a local event requiring little or no travel overhead?  That dream became reality in July with the running of the inaugural local chapter meeting in Wellington and I was proud to be part of it.  The next part of the dream is to see this as an annual calendar fixture in most states in coming years.

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