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AETM Local Chapter Meeting in NZ

AMX are proud of our association of the AETM and always looking for ways to support this great organisation. 

One concept we have been exploring was creating ‘local chapter’ meetings in capital cities to widen the reach of the AETM and make it more accessible to university people who can’t get to the two official events each year – the Integrate Education Program in August and the Annual Conference in November. 

After a lot of discussion and hard work behind the scenes, the AETM scheduled a pilot local chapter meeting in Wellington for the New Zealand membership in conjunction with AMX as sponsor.

Victoria University of Wellington hosted the event in early July and from my observations it was a great success.  We had representatives from seven NZ universities plus Te Papa Museum, Jason York from Infocomm, Scott Doyle representing the AETM and Richard Nagle and myself from AMX.

The cool (cold!) Wellington weather made scarves and beanies essential fashion items to guard against hyperthermia, but well and truly balanced by the warm welcome and lively engagement within the group.  

A big thanks to the Kiwis for the hospitality and to the AETM committee for entertaining and supporting this concept and making it a reality.  I am a little biased because it was my idea originally, but I hope this is the first of many local chapter events across the region in coming years.