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Welcome - Tertiary Newsletter Q2 2015

I love this time of year – well most of it anyway.  I love that refreshing nip in the air; I love the changing autumn colours in southern states and I love not having to mow the lawn every week. And  I love having to deal with only three time-zones in Australia instead of five. They balance the downsides of shivering on a cold, wet and windy day in Sydney or Melbourne occasionally. 

This is a busy and exciting time of year for us at AMX and I’m sure it is for you in tertiary-land too.  In AMX-land, our fantastic AMX15 conference in Melbourne is a warm glow from the past; as is the THETA (The Higher Education Technology Agenda) conference on the Gold Coast in May.  Now we are all looking forward to what the InfoComm tradeshow in Orlando will reveal and watching with great interest.

Beyond InfoComm - and before we know it - we’ll be gearing up for the Integrate show in Melbourne at the end of August.

AMX Australia/New Zealand continues to grow at an amazing pace.  In the past 12 months, more than 10 new positions have been created and it seems every time I go to the Gold Coast office, there is a new person to greet and welcome to the team.  Not that long ago, the Melbourne office had one person; now it has four.  The Sydney office had two; now it has seven – and no spare chairs!  And a Perth office will open in July.   

In your world, for many of you the mid-year break is a time to take a breath, to get some installation work done and to regroup for Semester 2.  I wouldn’t call it downtime, just a different sort of workload.


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