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Introducing David Rigter

Last issue I briefly introduced our new Education Relationship Manager Dave Rigter based in our Sydney office.  Dave joined us in March and is settling into the role looking after universities in NSW, ACT and WA.  He and I have done a few joint visits around the country to introduce him, so some of you will already know him.  But for those who don’t, I’d like to ask Dave to give you a quick download on his background and how he sees his role at AMX. 

Thanks Phil,

On a personal note, it’s been great to meet many of you over the last few weeks and I look forward to meeting those of you I have not yet met.

I live in the Sutherland Shire of Sydney with my wife and 2 young kids.  I’m based in the NSW AMX office in Lane Cove.  In my fleeting moments of spare time I enjoy rock climbing & road cycling. 

My AV journey started in corporate AV after migrating from professional theatre & events.  Quickly after that I moved into an AV role in a K-12 school and was hooked. 

The intersection of technology & learning is something that really invigorates me.  I started in schools just before the “1 laptop per child” policy came in, which was transformative in the Australian Education scene.

I’ve assisted 2 Sydney private high schools through their 1 to 1 programs, which has helped me realise that it’s not just about putting a device in a student’s hands. It’s about the holistic view.  What AV systems do they need and do they know how to use them? Do the teaching staff know how to effectively use the supporting technology?  Are the systems scalable, supportable and do they contribute to learning outcomes?

 After my stint in high schools, I spent a few years at University of Technology Sydney, helping their AV team through the University’s massive $1b Campus Development Program. Through my time at UTS, I gained experience in university culture/nuances, government procurement and the challenges facing Uni AV teams.

I believe the Australian University sector is entering a bold new phase, where old style “transactional” learning (I attend, you impart knowledge) will be replaced with a truly collaborative, mutually beneficial and authentic learning, for the student, the lecturer and the institution.

We’ve all heard (and know) that it will be a time of enormous change.  How we approach & deal with it is starting to become clearer and I look forward to working with you all to understand how best AMX can assist as you adapt to and drive this change.

I’m really excited to be a part of the team here at AMX, even though it may be a little daunting to try and partially fill the shoes of Phil Dunn. 

And before Phil mocks me, yes my favourite coffee is a piccolo latte. (It’s a Sydney thing!)

 Regards, Dave Rigter

Thanks Dave and again, welcome to the ERM team.  I actually wasn’t going to mock you about the piccolo latte – but now that you raised it, I can’t help mentioning the day in Joondalup (Perth) when you ordered a piccolo latte and the girl behind the counter gave you the blankest of blank stares.  Then delivered about a litre of latte!!  Hilarious.