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Education Alliance Program

It’s time to start reminding you that any point claims for this ‘EAP Year’ (runs 1st Sept 2014 to 31st Aug 2015) need to be submitted by 31st August.  So please don’t leave this until the last minute – especially if you need to chase your AMX partner for proof of purchase documentation.

As a refresher, to claim points you need to provide ‘proof of purchase’ documentation.  This can be in one of three forms (in order of preference):

1.      A copy of the invoice for the equipment including AMX models and serial numbers.

2.      A statement from the supplier on their company letterhead listing all AMX equipment models and serial numbers and date of supply.  A raw spreadsheet is not sufficient.

3.      A statement on university letterhead signed by an authorised person (ie someone authorised to sign on behalf of the university) listing all the AMX equipment models, serial numbers, supply date and vendor name.

If you haven’t looked at the EAP website for a while, it now has many new products claimable such as the full range of Hydraport accessories and many other recently released products.