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AMX Innovation Awards

The annual AMX Innovation Award ceremony will be held at the UBTech Conference in Florida a few days before Infocomm. 

This year there are four categories – Active Learning, Beyond Learning Spaces, Campus Impact and Non-traditional Learning Spaces.  Plus a fifth ‘People’s Choice’ awarded voted at the conference.

We can be proud that of the 19 finalists, three are Australian.  Congratulations to The University of Queensland (finalist in two categories – Active Learning and Campus Impact) and Deakin University (finalist in Campus Impact category).  Congratulations to both universities – certainly well deserved and verification we are leaders on the world stage.

Winners will be announced at the awards function on Monday 15th June (US time), so we’ll know who to congratulate on Tues 16th June.

See a full list of finalists here and find out more about the UBtech Conference here