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This one found its way into my In Box recently…

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And an informative report on the state of HDBase-T in System Contractor News - 10. Now That HDBaseT is Basically Standard, What are the Down Sides?

From AV Technology a while ago…

Quote of the Day

"From wireless printers to Google Glass to mirroring technologies like Chromecast and the AppleTV, there is an entire tier of wireless devices that are ill-suited for “real” networks. Unfortunately, these are often the modern, sexy, late-generation gadgets that we fall in love with at home and want to bring to work. But when we get them there, we find the devices don’t support enterprise security. Or that they require multicast to be enabled (not trivial on big wireless networks). Or will only work if the network is very small and all devices are in the same IP address range. Or require slow wireless data rates that we all disabled 10 years ago to keep our WLANs speedy. Sometimes we can say no to reworking the network in really choppy ways to support the devices. Other times we’re stuck violating company policy and best practices when the right exec won’t take no for an answer. This is thorny territory." More »

Another quote from AV Network regarding the industry in five years....

“I believe user interfaces will go away, and the room knows who I am, sees the meeting on the schedule, reaches out to the cloud, pulls my files, and has them on the screen when I arrive.”

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