InsideAMX Tertiary

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE)

One of the things I really enjoy about my job is gathering information about what products and features you need, passing this to AMX Product Management in the US and seeing them evolve as real products.   So when I read through the ISE press releases, I was particularly pleased to learn about quite a few products and enhancements which answered your requests.

It’s early days and there will be a lot more info to follow, but let me highlight a few of the announcements that are relevant to the tertiary market:

  • Upgraded DVX family – new NX processor, dual NIC, port-level diagnostics, enhanced security.  They are known as the ‘200 series’ – DVX-2210, 2250, 2255, 3250, 3255 and 3256. 
  • Upgraded DGX family – adds an easy-to-use web configuration (like the DVX’s), full audio switching and breakaway with DSP and all the features of the NX-series masters.
  • A new range of Massio MKP keypads to compliment the Massio MCP all-in-one ‘Control Pads’.  (In AMX-speak, a Control Pad means it has an integrated controller, a Keypad does not).  The new MKP keypads open a range of possibilities while retaining the same look and feel as the Massio MCP Control Pads.  Massio MCPs use Rapid Project Maker (RPM) as the programming tool, and it has some limitations.  But teaming an MKP with a Netlinx NX controller, the programmer and system designer has access to the full power of the AMX programming language – ie no limitations.  Now you can have either the simplicity of RPM or the full power of Netlinx programming.
  • RMS version 4.4 – adds the ability to manage firmware across an entire fleet of AMX systems.  Details are still sketchy at the time of writing, but I’ll be exploring this one with great interest.

If you want more information, a good place to head is the website.