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Welcome: InsideAMX Q1 2015

It’s a bit late for this but Happy New Year to all I haven’t personally said this to already.  The holiday season is a distant memory and we are well into the 2015 academic year.  I hope you had a chance to unwind and spend some quality time with family and friends beforehand.

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What will 2015 bring us I wonder?  Mother Nature has already struck a blow with Cyclone Marcia doing a lot of damage in Central Queensland.  Thankfully without casualties but a lot of rebuilding to do.   CQU escaped major damage but it disrupted their teaching schedule.  Dave and Glevin have some interesting stories to tell about what a Category 5 cyclone is like.   Let’s hope there are no more ‘weather events’ like this.

One area I see as increasing in visibility is security.  ‘Security by obscurity’ is no longer adequate and AV service managers will need to embrace the concept of protecting their institution (not just their AV systems) from hackers.  Expect to see this topic a bit more frequently.

4K is more marketing hype than reality for most of us and apart from making new systems ‘4K-ready’, I don’t see much practical impact there.  There will of course be specialist applications like Swinburne’s new 4K theatre but certainly no need for wholesale replacement of existing systems.

IPv6?  It’s been around for a few years with little apparent uptake in the AV world.  Will it start to take off this year?  Will it have any impact on us? 


This time of year is one of two for major product announcements.  Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam which has just wrapped up is one (see separate article) and the next will be Infocomm in Florida in June.     

These major tradeshows are an exciting time for us AMXers, whether we attend or not.  We eagerly wait in anticipation of cool new products to meet the needs of our end users.  I personally get a buzz out of seeing new products and features which are a direct result of your feedback gathered and conveyed to AMX product management in Dallas.  And there are quite a few of these in the ISE announcements, so I’m a very happy chappy.    

Speaking of Infocomm, Thank you to anyone that sent in a submission for the AMX Innovation Awards held a few days before Infocomm, looking forward to seeing some Australia & New Zealand Project in here once again. 

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