InsideAMX Tertiary

The Customer Experience

One of the things that drives me in my role is the process of understanding where the customer is coming from.  Having empathy for the student, lecturer, AV support tech & AV Manager is, I believe, a core part of being an ERM.  If we do not understand what these roles experience on a day-to-day basis, if we don’t imagine their interactions with AMX products and services and how they perceive its success or failure, then we cannot hope to deliver successful solutions. 

One of my favourite blogs is from US Based Integrators, The Sextant Group.  Time after time I can see the theme of concentrating on and really understanding the user experience come through in their posts.  This post on Space Planning for Millennials really caught my eye.  Millennials, (those born from 1982-2000, which oddly includes myself) are disrupting workplaces and learning environments the world over.  As people who work towards providing education, it’s imperative that we understand what motivates this generation and what kind of skills & knowledge they might require.  Only then can we deliver spaces (yes architecture plays a part, not just technology) that facilitate the behaviours & interactions that lead to authentic learning.

- Dave