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SVSi - Get used to that name!

And get used to the logo too.

At InfoComm back in June, Harman Professional acquired the Network AV company SVSi based in Hunstville Alabama.

Catch phrases like ‘game changer’ and ‘disruption’ get flogged to death in this industry, but we believe they can be safely applied to the SVSi product family. 

Below the surface of those innocent looking black boxes is a raft of potential to change the way we build and operate AV systems, and to disrupt some traditional thinking. 

There is plenty of information about SVSi on the AMX website and I’m sure there will be a lot of other info arriving in your in-box.

Some questions spring to mind (I’m sure you’ve already thought of them):

Q1 - What’s the catch?  What are the downsides?

Q2 - Won’t this hurt traditional AMX product sales?

A1:  It places almost total reliance on the network and demands the proper configuration.  You will need to work very closely with your network team to setup multi-cast correctly and to troubleshoot any problems.

A2: Quite possibly, but we see them as complimentary products giving you the option to choose the best platform.  In some situations a traditional DGX or DVX-based system could be the best fit; in others a totally SVSi-based system could be best.  Or it could be a hybrid solution fits the bill.

To learn more about this exciting ‘game changing distraction’ please try to get to one of the roadshow events we are running in Australia and New Zealand in November and December.