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A Bit of Light Reading

We in uni-land often hear about ‘flipped classrooms’ and sometimes about ‘adaptive learning’.  But I haven’t come across ‘digital humanities’ yet.  This article highlights the vagueness of some of these popular or maybe-soon-to-be-popular buzzwordsReaders’ Definitions of Ed-Tech Buzzwords: Confusion and Skepticism Continue

A while back I read this article on LinkedIn and bookmarked it to share.  Nothing new or revolutionary but a nice read about creating a productive working or learning environmentInnovative Teaching: it’s not the technology, it’s the thinking

In light of the recent acquisition of SVSi, this one from InfoComm is worth a read:  The Disruptive Power of Ethernet

And another one from AV Network’s site highlighting the growing trend towards networked AV:  What is the Internet of Things to AV?

And finally, this one in rAVePubs (second article) about the value of measuring your own performance.  If you don’t have documented performance targets – e.g. percentage classroom uptime – how do you know how good or bad your section is running and whether it is improving or degrading over time?  The suggestion in the article is to develop a “balanced scorecard” for capturing critical information about your service.