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Dunnii's Wrap


Well things are never dull at AMX, but some of the latest developments with SVSi and Harman have really sparked things up as we scramble to embrace new product lines.  We are all looking forward to the challenges they will bring.  They will certainly open a whole new set of conversations.

A big thanks to Dave for sharing some of the workload with this newsletter.  But to counter his ‘slipping into retirement’ rumour, I’m not planning to go anywhere quite yet because I’m having way too much fun. 

As I write this, we are only a matter of weeks out from the 15th annual AETM Conference in Melbourne and we’re all really looking forward to catching up with many of you there.  We are again Platinum sponsor (15th year running!!) and wear that badge with great pride.  

Until we meet again, cheers.

- Phil