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Education Relationship team expands

Yes my waistline has expanded but that’s not what I mean! 

As most of you know I don’t work full-time for AMX;  I officially work 75% (my choice).   Australia is a big country and there are a lot of universities to deal with so as a result I don’t get to visit people as often as I’d like. 

I don’t believe a phone call, email or even a videoconference call is a true substitute for a personal face to face meeting at your university.  People have often asked me why I need to travel so much when the same result can be achieved with technology these days.  I disagree with that.  Each has its place, but nothing will replace a personal visit from time to time.  The challenge for us has always been a shortage of available time.

We are addressing this by adding an extra resource to the team in the form of Jared Walley based in our Melbourne office.  Jared will be well known to many in Melbourne and Adelaide universities and this change is really formalising and expanding some of the work he has been doing.  He will take ownership of the university relationships to a much greater degree than he has to date.   

That doesn’t mean I will abandon the southern universities – Jared and I will work as a team to back each other up, and I will always remain available to help.  We will most likely do a mix of joint and solo visits.  Even though I may be in Adelaide, Melbourne, Launceston and Hobart slightly less often, the net result will be greater availability and access to AMX – because Jared is more ‘local’ than me. 

So over to Jared. 

Jared Walley.jpg

Jared, could you give the readers some background on yourself and how you see this new role panning out? 

Thanks Phil.  A little about me:

I live in Geelong and am based in the Victorian AMX office in Port Melbourne. I have been with AMX since October 2011 and involved in the AV industry for over 16 years, starting out with a small integrator pulling cables. I have been very fortunate to transition through multiple roles in my career, always striving to expand my knowledge and continue my love for AV and technology as a whole.

The University sector and AMX have had a very close working relationship for many years and the Universities are crucial to our business. Phil Dunn, as I am sure you will all agree, has been integral to the success of this relationship and I will be striving to do justice to the boots he wears as I step into them for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

My aim is to provide you with greater access to AMX in the form of more frequent visits from myself, but also access to our new technical resources in Melbourne. Jeremy West, our new Field Service Engineer and Scott Reid, our new Technology Specialist will be available to provide training as well as technical assistance, both off and onsite.

I truly believe that stronger relationships at all levels, from help desk to AV Manager and beyond will only serve to maximise what you get from AMX. I am very excited to start getting to know you and your Universities better and look forward to catching up with you soon.

Thanks Jared.  I’m sure you’ll fit in well in uni-land and I look forward to working with you more closely as part of an expanding team.  Welcome aboard.

So what will I be doing with all the extra time I’ll have - I hear you ask.  Will I be reducing my hours?  Slipping gradually into retirement?  Will I be spending more time in other regions? 

Read on and I’ll tell you…..