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Education Alliance Program – one year ends, another begins

EAP members will be aware the ‘EAP year’ runs 1st Sept to 31st Aug each year, so I’d like to give a ‘year in review’ report.

Participation in the program continued its growth pattern again this year.  Membership has grown to effectively saturation point in Australia – with every user of AMX being a member as well as some who don’t use AMX!

Total points earned :  1,332,205

Points redeemed to date:  764,270

Most active:

tertiary 1.JPG

Most popular products redeemed:

Points to note

You have until 30th Nov this year to use accrued points or they expire.  Please don’t leave this until the last days of November!!  If you do, you probably won’t see your equipment until January due to the usual Christmas shutdown period!

You can continue to claim points for purchases occurring after 1st September.  These points will remain valid until 30th November 2015.  Any purchases prior to 1st Aug this year don’t qualify for points. 

No points claims or redemptions will be processed during December.  You’ll have to wait until January for any December transactions. 

The product list will be updated periodically to include newly released products.  If you wish to redeem or claim points for one of the newer products, check the website to see if it’s been added