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Infocomm 2014

Infocomm is always an amazing event in terms of scale and variety of products, but I was so blown away by our own product releases, I honestly didn’t take much notice of other manufacturers. AMX have never been particularly strong in the lower end of the market, preferring to focus on the upper end.  This often meant using another brand of switcher in simple, budget-conscious systems because AMX had nothing suitable.  Not any more!

If you love the features and power of the DVX all-in-one solution but the DVX-2150 is overkill for the job. We now have a smaller unit – the DVX-2110.  It’s a 4x2 matrix insteaf of a 6x3 but retains all the other DVX features (controller, DSP, amp, SmartScale & web interface).

If your job can’t justify a DVX or just need a switcher without the controller and audio functionality, we have a range of very affordable digital switchers which can be used standalone or paired with a Netlinx controller.  There are three models but I suspect more will come later.  The family name is Solecis (pronounced sole-sis) which is not new but these products have nothing in common with the old analog Solecis range. The boxes:

(* - the ‘+1’ means the HDMI output is mirrored on a DXLink output – great for sending to a projector or as a feed to a central matrix switcher).

A new all-in-one control panel family called Massio to replace the Novara CP-3000 range was announced.  Available in six and eight button versions, they use a processor from the same family as the new NX series controllers, are programmed in RPM (Rapid Project Maker) and fully RMS compatible. View the 8-Button Massio ControlPad with Navigation and 6-Button Massio ControlPad (Available early June 2015).

Ethernet versions of the popular Metreau and Novara SP-08-AX button panels were announced.  View Product Online

New NX-series Netlinx masters to replace the existing NI series.  There are too many new features to list here but suffice to say they are a big jump in security, processing power and features.  There are 4 models – NX-1200 (replaces NI-700 and NI-900), NX-2200 (replaces NI-2100), NX-3200 (replaces NI-3100) and NX-4200 (replaces NI-4100).  See the product page or browse the website for other models.

And finally in what caused the biggest stir on the AMX stand, Enzo has been enhanced to include wireless BYOD using MirrorOp technology that is used in a number of screen mirroring products.  With more features due later in the year including UC capability (e.g. Lync & Skype) with the addition of the Sereno™ Video Conferencing Camera, Enzo is fast becoming a real alternative to PC’s for spaces such as learning commons.