InsideAMX Tertiary

Your Role as a Salesman and Consultant

Many of you in tertiary-land have an undocumented role within your organisation which is not dissimilar to equivalent functions in the commercial world – that of an AV consultant and a system salesman.  For example it is very common for another section of the university to ask your advice on an AV fitout of a meeting room or a faculty teaching space. 

Many times non-AV people have little understanding of what they need or how to go about the process, so you need to firstly do what an AV consultant does – access the needs, the space, the constraints and then advise on suitable technology.  Secondly, you may have to ‘sell’ the idea to them.  They may have preconceived ideas of pricing based on what they have in their lounge-room at home and need convincing they need something more ‘industrial strength’.    

What tools can you use to ‘sell’ your design?  One is to use a similar installation elsewhere on campus as a model.  Take the ‘client’ to the room to demonstrate what you are talking about. 

Another nifty little tool is a virtual demonstration application AMX developed called AMX Education Solutions.  It is an iPad app available as a free download from the App Store and gives examples of how you would fitout various types of rooms in a tertiary environment – everything from a basic meeting room to a full-blown Executive Boardroom; from a basic classroom to a collaborative teaching space. 

By using the tactic ‘is this the sort of thing you have in mind?’ with various room styles, your ‘client’ is more likely to ‘get it’ more quickly.   A picture is worth 1K words and an interactive app like this perhaps 10K!  Download it here