InsideAMX Tertiary

Background to this newsletter

I’ve been asked quite a few times – both internally within AMX and externally how these newsletters come about.  That’s my secret.  But since you’re obviously reading this, I’ll share it with you.

Firstly, let me state that everything you read here is original material unless quoted and acknowledged.  Inspiration for articles comes from a wide variety of sources – mostly from conversations and reading blogs.  But many times it comes from random thoughts at inconvenient times and often lost unless I scribble a quick note. 

Quite often these ideas are developed into a rough article while travelling – I’m tempted to call an article ‘Words from 39,000 feet’ one day!  For example the fictional piece above was penned (pencilled actually) on a flight from Sydney to Hobart late last year.  I later type up my scribblings and tweak it as I go.

Once I have a collection of articles, a welcome and wrap, I send it to Kit to format and add graphics and Graham Barrett to review.  Sometimes we bounce it back and forth to refine the content, sometimes adding extra detail, sometimes scrapping whole articles. 

Once we’re all happy, Kit does her magic with her mailing list and it arrives in your in-box. 

Now you won’t die wondering!