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AETM 2013 Conference

once again the AETM Conference was a huge success for all involved.  Adelaide is one of my favourite cities – the home of Haighs Chocolates, RM Williams boots, the Hills Hoist and the nicest people.  The University of Adelaide hosted the event and feedback from the 60+ delegates was positive so congratulations to the AETM Committee on another successful event! 

We were delighted to ber the major sponsor of the AETM Conference again in 2013, as we have every year since the AETM’s inception in 2000 The and hosting the Gala Dinner at which a good time was had by all!  As we have done in recent years, we were also proud to further demonstrate our support of the AETM and the Conference by bringing in an international guest presenter from headquarters in the US.    This year it was Casey Foulds who performs a similar role to mine in America and it was great to share experiences and compare notes from the opposite side of the planet.  Casey only recently joined AMX after many years as AV Manager at Texas Women’s University – so like me, she is really fundamentally a university person, not a corporate person. 


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When Casey returned home, she wrote me a couple of paragraphs about her experience in Australia (her first visit) and I’ll share this with you here…..

“  I recently had the opportunity to attend the AETM conference in Australia at the University of Adelaide.  This gathering of the minds of great technology leaders was impressive and inspiring just to mention a few emotions.  As I spent time conversing with these delegates, it was apparent that while the goals and outcomes of technology challenges were somewhat similar, each university approached their solutions in an autonomous matter consistent with the pride and dedication to their own university.  That being said, there was a huge sense of cohesion between the different universities represented.  The accomplishments shared between the universities were heard with an open mind to the vast possibility of solutions trying to be achieved.  That old familiar attitude of “it’s not my problem”, was not present among these representatives.  Instead, obstacles and challenges were approached with a “can do” attitude.

Another wonderful experience was the level of involvement that each university participated in to make sure that the technology operations at their university was fulfilled and as efficient as humanly possible.  We all shared the same operational highs and lows and yet the positive approaches to providing solutions for the betterment of Australian (and New Zealand) education as a whole was overt in every conversation.   These technology leaders are definitely on the right track when it comes to the tough decisions that are being made on a daily basis to make sure that their university meets and exceeds the technology standards required to educate our future world leaders. 

 It was an honor and a privilege to attend such an essential gathering and I look forward to continued communications with these leaders as they continue to show the world why education is so vital to the success of the human race.”

Casey Foulds
Education Relationship Manager
Cell:  469.571.8195
Office: 469.624.7718
3000 Research Drive| Richardson|TX|75082

I’ll add a couple of cents worth to Casey’s statements:  one of the great qualities of the AETM group is the openness and lack of ego on display at the conference.  I’ve had the privilege of being on both sides – as a delegate and as a vendor rep – and the spirit of information sharing is commendable.