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Welcome: InsideAMX Tertiary Q4, 2014

Phil Dunn

Phil Dunn

2014 is rapidly drawing to a close so I thought I’d better get this newsletter out before too many people head off on a well-earned break.  

What a year it’s been - both in AMX-land and in Tertiary-land. 

At AMX there has been lots of excitement this year – the acquisition by Harman International which will no doubt bring about some positive changes globally in 2015; a range of new events throughout 2014; expansion of AMX Australia & New Zealand thanks to record business; and a bunch of new products targeting gaps in our range - so you aren’t forced to look at 3rd party products.

In Tertiary-land, my impression is predominately one of greater stability.  There have been a few staff moves in and out of universities, and a few restructures – but overall I have detected less negativity than in past years.  Much less doom-and-gloom on the budget front and less pessimism about ‘IT take-overs’ and threat of outsourcing.  Restructures seem to be a permanent feature of the landscape but seem to more accepted by the people I talk to this year. 

Closer to home, it’s been great to have Jared on the ERM team and looking after the southeast region (Vic, Tas & SA) which allows me a bit of extra time to focus on my other challenge of helping universities get the most from RMS.