The Women of InfoComm

Women of InfoComm provides a global community of InfoComm members and other professionals committed to supporting and empowering women who work in the technology and AV industry, which AMX are proud to support.

Being able to attend the very first breakfast meeting during Integrate 2015 with four of our female staff members was an honour, and being able to hear from the motivating and engaging female speakers was nothing short of inspirational.

With a relatively early start during an already busy week we were impressed to see a room filled with over 50 enthusiastic and engaged guests who were genuinely excited to be there and to see this event come to fruition. Of the very few men in attendance, three of them were from our AMX Management Team, which just goes further to confirm our sincere commitment to this worthy cause.

We thank our very own Anna Mallon for her big part in making the Women of AV movement a reality and AMX look forward to many years of future involvement in the Women of InfoComm events.