Upgrade to the DGX 100 Series and Save 50%

The latest upgrade to the AMX award-winning Enova DGX platform was announced in January with the launch of the DGX 100 Series.  Scheduled for shipping in January, the DGX 100 series brings a wealth of new features & capabilities including:

  • Onboard Web Configuration for All Aspects of the DGX System
  • Automatic Binding of DXLink Endpoints
  • Single IP Address Required for Multiple Endpoints
  • Independent routing of audio and video
  • Unrivalled network security with Dual NIC
  • AxLink Port
  • 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) Content Ready

If you have or are just about to purchase a current Enova DGX you can upgrade to the capabilities of the DGX 100 series via the DGX CPU Replacement Kit which will also be shipping in January.  For all Enova DGX systems purchased between February 1 and August 31 2015 you can pre-order a DGX CPU Replacement Kit and save 50% on the standard price.  Simply include the upgrade kit on any orders for DGX’s during the promo period or if you have already received the DGX, order the appropriate upgrade kit and include the serial number of the DGX system in the order.