AV Administrators Guide White Paper

With each new development in the AV world there is greater alignment with the space that is considered traditional IT. We are already seeing a shift in the ownership of AV systems, from the older model of facilities management responsibility to now falling under the remit of the CIO and IT group. AV technology is employing IT based methodologies and operating principals, and AV systems as a whole can be truly seen as part of an overall business solution, considered along side of traditional IT services such as messaging and information management.

To help IT folk develop a greater understanding of AMX systems we have developed the AMX AV/IT Administrators Guide. This document provides IT Managers and Administrators with a technical overview of AMX systems, covering the equipment and protocols that may be encountered in implementing AMX systems on an enterprise network. The Guide contains a high level view of an example AV topology to help IT Administrators develop an understanding of how the AV system integrates with existing IT and AV technology, where existing capability can be leveraged and provides a basis for the definition of system requirements.

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